Small print, big impact – our GTC

Die Babysitterei, with registered address in Rechbauerstrasse 34, 8010 Graz, is a babysitting referral agency in and around Graz. Our business activity consists of referring professional babysitters to families. The following terms and conditions apply to our services.

Our services for you

We at Die Babysitterei in Graz have made it our mission to support parents in their search for a suitable babysitter. In order to spare them from having to spend hours looking through ads on notice boards or online portals, we do most of the recruiting in advance. We conduct personal interviews with potential babysitters and pre-select the most suitable candidates to the best of our knowledge and belief based on their personal needs and preferences. After prior personal consultation, we then put our clients in touch with the suitable babysitters.


We are committed to finding reliable people who will look after your children with great care and attention. However, we are not liable for other people’s behaviour. Despite all our efforts and our careful preselection of babysitters, we cannot accept any liability for their actions, conduct and reliability. Furthermore, we do not assume any liability for damages caused in the course or as a result of the babysitter’s nursing activities.

Ultimately, the final decision on whether or not to entrust your children to the babysitters we refer lies with you – and that’s a good thing!

Die Babysitterei is a referral agency for babysitters and families. Our services end once the contact details have been transmitted (= referral). We accept no liability for any kind of employment relationship between our clients (“family”) and the respective babysitters resulting from our referral services, nor are we in any way responsible for compliance with the statutory regulations and the payment of any levies.

The competent courts in Graz shall be the agreed place of jurisdiction for any legal disputes – even though we hope, of course, that no legal proceedings will be necessary.

When will you have to pay the commission fee?

Our business idea is based on trust and fairness.

Enquiries from families are free of charge and non-binding.

We will only charge our commission fee after personal consultation with the families and once the referral has been successful.

What do we mean by “successful referral”?

“Successful referral” means that a successful child-babysitter-parent relationship has been established after the initial phase of getting to know one another.

We trust that both our babysitters as well as our client families provide all information to the best of their knowledge and belief and act according to the principle of fairness.

We at Die Babysitterei wish you all the best with your future babysitter!