How Much Does a Babysitter Cost Per Hour?

Stundenlohn Babysitter

Good question?!

That’s a good and highly interesting question. When I was looking for our first babysitter a few of years ago, I noticed all different kinds of requested hourly rates. While some babysitters only charged 6 euros per hour, others charged 15 euros and more.

But what is a reasonable hourly rate for babysitting?

Does it really matter how much I am willing to pay? Or is there such a thing as minimum wage, i.e. a collective agreement, for childcare services? In order to be able to answer this question, I went to my accountant’s payroll department to seek advice…

And guess what: yes, indeed there is a collective agreement for childcare services in Austria!

However, as always, the truth lies somewhere in the middle! Depending on the babysitter’s previous education and number of professional year as well as on the age of the child, hourly rates in the first five professional years, for example, might vary between 9.78 and 12.62 euros (net). With more than 11 years of employment and 2 years of professional training, the statutory hourly rate can even rise up to 16 euros per hour! Add to that all special payments (such as holiday pay, Christmas bonus and holiday replacement benefits) to which a babysitter is also legally entitled!

So, if you want to do everything right, you are well advised to seek advice!

For further information regarding the appropriate hourly pay for your babysitter, just contact the Austrian Chamber of Labour or any tax consultant.

Tip: In order to be able to get specific information about appropriate hourly wages, make sure you know the following from your future babysitter: their professional experience & whether they have already had professional training in childcare.



PS: Our next law-related blog post will focus on how to correctly register a babysitter with the authorities as well as on the childcare voucher.