Finding the Perfect Babysitter –
10 Questions You Should Ask Yourself

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Finding the perfect babysitter is truly not an easy task. After all, entrusting your children to someone else’s care for a couple of hours is a major step. Mutual trust as well as good chemistry between all parties is therefore crucial. But what should you pay particular attention to when choosing your perfect babysitter?

Checklist for finding the perfect babysitter – our questionnaire

First of all, it is important to have a good and clear understanding of what you expect from your ideal babysitter before you start looking for someone to care for your offspring. To help you do so, we have compiled a few pertinent questions for you below.

  • How many times a week do I need a babysitter for my children? Do I only need them on set days/times or do I need a highly flexible babysitter who is available on an as needed basis?
  • Conversely, it is also important for many babysitters to know whether they would be working on a regular basis, i.e. earning a regular income.
  • How much money am I willing to spend on my babysitter per hour? Please note! There is an applicable collective agreement for childcare in Austria. This means that you can of course pay your babysitter more than stipulated in the respective collective agreement, but never too little.
  • What do we expect from our future babysitter? Are we looking for someone who knows how to cook – or will I prepare meals in advance? Do we want our babysitter to spend a lot of time outdoors with our children? What are our priorities? Or to put it the other way around: What do we not care for at all? Smoking, taking selfies and so on, for example.
  • It is always a good idea to establish basic rules of conduct within your family. This allows your babysitter to know what truly matters to you.
  • Does my babysitter need to have their own car in order to pick up the children from school, for example?
  • It is often very young people who respond to babysitting vacancies. In order to make sure you feel comfortable about leaving your child with a stranger, you should thus also consider how old you would like your future babysitter to be.
  • Does your potential babysitter already have some experience in childcare? Do they happen to have any letters of recommendation from other families?
  • Childcare training and babysitting course? In 2018, childcare costs can only be deducted from tax if childcare is provided by a professionally qualified person. In case of most babysitters, this means that they will have completed a special babysitting or childcare course (according to the list of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Economy, Family and Youth) or that they are qualified in childcare due to other forms of professional training.
  • Of course there is no guarantee in life and things can always change. Nevertheless, we do wish for permanent caregivers for our little ones. That is why you should also ask your potential babysitter at the very start how long they intend to stay with you? Is working for your family just an interim job for a couple of weeks or months for them, or is your babysitter planning to work with your family for a longer period of time?
  • And last but not least: Please always remember that your babysitter should feel comfortable with you and your family as well. We thus recommend that you also think about why working as a babysitter for your family is a particularly wonderful opportunity for them.