About us

 Karin Hackstock

Personal contact for all mums & dads when it comes to finding the right babysitter, organising amazing events for children & responsible for selecting babysitters in Graz

I have been self-employed for 28 years. I used to work in commerce with many employees before fulfilling my lifelong dream of studying mental coaching at the University of Salzburg. Today I am working as a psychological consultant and mental coach accompanying parents from their desire to have children to their planned child. Further down, our son Maximilian will tell you a bit more about why we decided to establish Die Babysitterei.

As the founder of Die Babysitterei, it was and still is extremely important to me to not only give other parents a hand and take off some of their “troubles”, but also to help them find good, committed and caring babysitters. Moreover, it has always been my mission to help babysitting get the professional status it deserves. After all, it is the babysitters to whom we entrust the well-being and health of our beloved children – even if it is only for a couple of hours.

In my spare time I absolutely love to go on long-distance hikes with my family in the Styrian mountains. Other than that, you can also find me on a yoga mat or with a good book in my hands.


Personal contact for all mums & dads in Vienna, responsible for selecting babysitters in Vienna, organising courses & social media

For five years now, I have been living in what in my opinion is the most beautiful city in the world: Vienna. At the time, I moved here because of my job and my studies. I am still living in the same city, but everything else has changed since then. I soon realised that the field of study I had originally chosen was not going to make me happy in the long run. This is why I gradually dedicated myself to what I truly care about: working with children. Today I am studying to become a primary school teacher and hopefully one day I will be a great one. I am the personal contact for all families looking for an excellent & reliable babysitter in Vienna as well as for all babysitters who would like to work with a nice family in Vienna. Apart from that, I am also still working as a babysitter myself, if I have the time. 😌


Karin’s husband and father of Maximilian & Vicky, responsible for tax and legal issues, our good conscience

During the day, I’m a partner in a tax consulting firm in Graz, I discuss important matters, hang on the phone, juggle with numbers, type on my keyboard and gaze at my screen for hours… until I get home. Then I’m a dad again, a husband and of course the master of the house ;-) In my spare time I love to be outdoors with my family or to explore the Mur cycling path with my boy.

Apart from that, I’m not only my wife’s good conscience, but also her better half and helping hand responsible for everything that comes up and goes down … or gets loose!


Sohn von Karin und Wolfi, unsere Inspiration 😊

Karin’s and Wolfi’s son, our inspiration 

I am the reason why mum and dad had the idea of founding a babysitter referral agency in the first place. My parents are both self-employed which means that sometimes they have to work late. And my grandmothers don’t always have the time to look after me either. Every now and then my parents also want to spend some quality time together – without me – and attend a yoga class for example. Hence, they soon realised that we needed a nice babysitter! But mum and dad were surprised by just how difficult it was to find a suitable and qualified babysitter to take care of me… and anyone who knows my mum knows what that means! After listening to other mothers complain about the same struggles, my mum decided to fix this problem: and that is why she founded Die Babysitterei – to make finding excellent childcare easier.