Have you ever…

…been invited over to friends, wanted to spent some one-on-one time with your partner or take up a shared hobby or been faced with the problem that nursery school ends, but you’re still stuck at work?

Looking for a babysitter!

But not just anyone!

What you are looking for is a caring, reliable and friendly babysitter. They should have a flexible schedule and be available whenever you really need them. 

Sounds easy, but it’s not!

Unless you are lucky enough to find the right babysitter among your family and friends, all you are usually left with is online search. Anyone who has ever looked for a suitable sitter online knows how tedious it can be. There is a flood of unfiltered applications out there, most of which are useless – including countless job interviews!

 Looking for a babysitter?

Let us start by saying that we also appreciate online search, but to be honest, when it comes to the well-being of our children, we want to know exactly who we entrust our little ones to – don’t we?

We at Die Babysitterei believe it’s the personal aspect that really counts. We are thus committed to finding the right babysitter for you. One that perfectly suits you and your needs!

For families

In Graz and Vienna

Just sit back and relax!

  • As soon as we are familiar with your personal needs and expectations, we will start looking for the perfect babysitter – free of charge and without any obligations!
  • We know our babysitters! We conduct personal interviews with all our babysitters in order to know exactly who we are referring to you.
  • We want parents to be happy!  Take your time and get to know our babysitters. You will only be charged a one-time commission fee once both sides are absolutely positive about working with each other.

For babysitters

In Graz and Vienna

Finding the perfect babysitter job!

  • Do you think babysitting is more than just sitting around for a few hours? Are you at least 19 years old and do you already have some experience in childcare?
  • As an active babysitter you will also have the opportunity to participate in our training courses and become part of our constantly growing community.
  • If your application is successful, we will take care of the rest. We will take care of everything you need to get one of our coveted babysitting jobs – our services also include creating your babysitter profile. And of course, all of this is free of charge!

Testimonials from our families

Dear fellow WW mummies,

I really have to commend Karin Hackstock and her agency Die Babysitterei! Last June I was urgently looking for a loving and caring babysitter and Karin found me one of these special people! After going over all of my requirements and needs, Karin managed to arrange our new babysitter the very same day! We were absolutely impressed by the excellent service as well as Karin’s kindness and understanding. I couldn’t recommend this service enough! 👍😄💝 Tamara N.

Since finding a professional babysitter in Graz is quite difficult and time-consuming, we turned to Die Babysitterei. They provide highly qualified, reliable babysitters suitable for your family. We are extremely pleased with our babysitter :) Feedback on FB from a mum from Graz

Dear Mrs. Hackstock,

Thank you very much for having the right “feel” regarding Alexandra and for providing us with an excellent babysitter. At first, we were quite anxious, but that feeling soon went away! We wish you all the best for the future and I will of course recommend you and your agency wholeheartedly to other parents!! Martina R.

Dear Karin,

Thank you very much for the kind and promising conversation. I feel I have come to the right place. Elisabeth G.

Thanks to Die Babysitterei we were spared from all the hassles of finding a babysitter, for which we are truly grateful. We highly recommend their brilliant service and will continue to do so! Christine T.

Dear Mrs. Hackstock,

Many thanks for being so sensitive, insightful and highly professional. I deeply appreciated talking to you on the phone as it really took a load of my mind! Thanks to you, all my wishes of finding a caring and trustworthy babysitter came true. Mrs. Hackstock is an amazing woman and a huge help for all mummies out there. Die Babysitterei is an agency full of warmth and sincerity. I strongly recommend them and the professional services they provide.

All the best and kind regards,

Karin E.

Finding The Perfect Babysitter!

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